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Noise Anomalie - Deep In The Bushes

Noise Anomalie - Deep In The Bushes
LabelOne Foot Groove
Typealbum, CD

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NoiseAnomalie - Deep In The Bushes


01 Noise Anomalie - Off Your Meds
02 Noise Anomalie - Deep In The Bushes
03 Noise Anomalie - Spaced
04 Noise Anomalie - No Fire
05 Noise Anomalie - Sense
06 Noise Anomalie - Animated Objects
07 Noise Anomalie - Sneaky Bushes
08 Noise Anomalie - I Have Fallen And I Can't Get Up
09 Noise Anomalie - Hinky
10 Noise Anomalie - The Bats

One Foot Groove is a newly formed label from South Africa. One Foot Groove consists of Nick Myburgh, Dylan Reeves, Mia Martens and Richard Eyre. Over a few drinks one evening these four decided to start a record label priding itself on professionalism.Their first release is the debut album of NoiseAnomalie Deep in the bushes written by Dylan Reeves and mastered by The Artifakt from Timecode records.Please welcome our new and very promising label for its ambitious future release schedule. Our aim is to release high class psy trance tunes that would cause deep impact among the our scene and get the attention of every single listener.One Foot Groove - Stop Trying to be Cool and Just be Sexy!!!