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Nuclear Ramjet - Mission To Sedna

Nuclear Ramjet - Mission To Sedna
LabelSpaceport Records
Typealbum, CD

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Nuclear Ramjet - Mission To Sedna


01 Nuclear Ramjet - Foldingtime
02 Nuclear Ramjet - Atomic Empire
03 Nuclear Ramjet - Son Of A Bush
04 Nuclear Ramjet - Minas Tirith
05 Nuclear Ramjet - Cloud Sailors
06 Nuclear Ramjet - Osho
07 Nuclear Ramjet - Riding The Dragon
08 Nuclear Ramjet - The Missing Moon

Nuclear Ramjet are generally acknowledged as Canadas top trance band and live act. With remixes and releases on numerous renowned labels such as Ascend, Iboga, Turbo Trance, and Paul Okenfold's Perfecto Records, they've achieved an international pro.le and status.

Nuclear Ramjet (aka Aeon and Miracle Flash) have been touring across the country, headlining all major festivals (such as Shambhala, Evolve, Om, and Eclipse) since 1997. They've successfully presented two albums thus far, receiving international press for their last release. A concept album, 'Mission to Sedna' is their third release; two years in the making, this release is highly anticipated by their fans across the globe. Follow their adventure from lift-off to landing on their greatest mission ever! Experience their cutting edge research into the science of sound, and prepare yourself for the folding of time as Nuclear Ramjet launch into orbit. Join them on their journey to the distant planet of Sedna, and get ready for some serious musical adventures.

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