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Ocelot - Psymatix

Ocelot - Psymatix
LabelDropout Productions
Typealbum, CD


01 Ocelot - Tribeadelica
02 Ocelot - Go Ahead
03 Ocelot - HappyFunLand
04 Ocelot - Come On
05 Ocelot - Warp Drive
06 Ocelot - New Machine
07 Ocelot - The Phone Booth
08 Ocelot - Disappear
09 Ocelot - To Catch A Zoid
10 Ocelot - FireStix

Dropout Productions is very excited to announce the fourth full-length album from world renowned producer, Ocelot: pSyMaTix.

Composed of ten strong tracks in distinctive Ocelot styledriving, tribal, spacey and intensely psychedelic -- pSyMaTiX is a solid, geometric sound structure that will reverberate through time as a genuine and extraordinary work of art.

An astounding, psychoactive journey with driving, pulsating bass lines, spiraling melodies and expansive, metagalactic soundscapes

"Tribadelica" kicks off the wave journey with fresh, thumping sounds that will pick you up and have you dancing immediately! A twisted collaboration with Digitalist called "HappyFunLand" peaks out the first wave In no time, YOU will be turning into a three-dimensional vibratory pattern as you surf the waves in a dancing frenzy to warpDrive' and newMachine'.

The final wave will take you beyond the known galaxies, where you Disappear', Catch a Zoid'and then reintegrate into the solid realm with FireStix. Sure to ignite dancefloors world wide!

Use extreme caution: Listening to pSyMaTiX might give you super human powers - or it might just make you dance your ass off like never before.

Ocelot - Psymatix: Front