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Odiseo - 10 Years After

Odiseo - 10 Years After
LabelBlue Tunes Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Odiseo - 10 Years After


01 Odiseo - Music Is The Answer
02 Odiseo - The Flow
03 Odiseo - Faith
04 Odiseo - Let It Go
05 Odiseo - 10 Years After
06 Odiseo - Enjoy
07 Odiseo - Breeze (Feat.Ecliptic)
08 Odiseo - Eh Noize
09 Odiseo - Sixth Sence

Mexican Ulises Pascual a.k.a Odiseo is one of the exponents of progressive trance.

Since the beginning of the scene of psy trance in Mexico city, Ulises was involved in a lot of successfull projects like Xibalba, Sizu Yantra and SKI FI and played on nearly all important festivals around the globe, recieving and rejecting the feedback from the dancefloor, building up his beautifully crafted music, like you won't find by any other artist.

He now finished his next stroke of genius, the superb Odiseo debut album '10 Years After'.

This is album is no doubt one of the most expected releases in the progressive trance scene and we can say. It was worth the wait.

Odiseo - 10 Years After: Front