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Optic Wave - Fiber Divitions

Optic Wave - Fiber Divitions
LabelEqnation Records
Typealbum, CD

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Optic Wave - Fiber Divitions


01 Optic Wave - Dreamer
02 Optic Wave - Leaving Paradise
03 Optic Wave - Spectral Vision (Remix)
04 Optic Wave - Subie Trust
05 Optic Wave - Vocomondo
06 Optic Wave - Lizard
07 Optic Wave - Ravages Of Life (Remix)
08 Optic Wave - Winterized

This is the first personal Album of Greek live performer Opticwave. It has been highly influenced by the Swedish-Australian sound, it is deep, mystic and a bit trance like. This new project was mainly developed to make the listening more trancie -scientific and bring to our mind the good old times with new age crystal sound.