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Optokoppler - Bugfix

Optokoppler - Bugfix
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Optokoppler - Bugfix


01 Optokoppler - Backspace
02 Optokoppler - Take A Trip
03 Optokoppler - Animation
04 Optokoppler - Massive
05 Optokoppler - Halftime
06 Optokoppler - Hamburg City
07 Optokoppler - Ghostbuster
08 Optokoppler - Sequence
09 Optokoppler - Northern Virus

Optokoppler is one of the few futuristic sounding psytrance acts.

Around with have a very unique sound and already existing fan-base all around the world. Having released 're-plugged' on Usta Records in 2005, 'Bugfix' is an innovative step forward and the brand new signing on Y.S.E.

The German based producer and DJ Oliver Schmidt knows how to use his software and the result is a killer 9-track Album with full power and plenty of surprises. The year 2006 sees Optokoppler on every Festival in Europe and rest assured that his first release on Y.S.E. will raise his profile!

Optokoppler - Bugfix: Front