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Optokoppler - Replugged

Optokoppler - Replugged
LabelUSTA Records
Typealbum, CD

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Optokoppler - Replugged


01 Optokoppler - Clean
02 Optokoppler - Straight
03 Optokoppler - Tool time
04 Optokoppler - Persia
05 Optokoppler - Conqueror
06 Optokoppler - In to the system
07 Optokoppler - Intergalactic
08 Optokoppler - Traditions

Optokoppler - In to the system

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, Relax, you're okay. Easy Cis, settle down, He was just part of the training program. He's just a simulation. It's over. It was a test. Judgment, concentration, technique... High scores on everything. Now get some rest. You okay?'

From the movie 'The Animatrix'

The Animatrix

Optokoppler - Replugged: Front
Optokoppler - Replugged: Inside
Optokoppler - Replugged: Inside 2