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Orca - Fist Of Fury

Orca - Fist Of Fury
LabelDoof Records
Typealbum, CD

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Orca - Fist Of Fury


01 Orca - This Fucked Up Sound
02 Orca - Brain Candy
03 Orca - Fist Of Fury
04 Orca - Paranoid
05 Orca - The Story Teller
06 Orca - 123 Drop It
07 Orca - Picture This
08 Orca - Dazed
09 Orca - Dr.Artuzio

Doof records is introducing the latest member of the family: ORCA
Orca is Alon Lifer, the new talent that is going to burst into the trance world leaving no prisoners behind. This album will lure you into the new none compromising; non politically correct world of orca. Orca's masterpiece is a cutting edge combination between psy and dark trance with a special scent of sense of humour that spills out of his tracks.
This album is going to pull you away from the fire place and warm those cold winter days with its intense base lines and wacky sound structures.
So pack up your shit and get ready to explode in to the trip that is, the "fist of fury"

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