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Pandemonium - Muinomednap

Pandemonium - Muinomednap
LabelPhototropic Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Pandemonium - Once upon a Time...
02 Pandemonium - Pandemonium!
03 Pandemonium - Stuck in the Walls
04 Pandemonium - Moon Fishing
05 Pandemonium - Falling Stars
06 Pandemonium - I Saw it interlude
07 Pandemonium - Flying Cookie
08 Pandemonium - Seq-uoia
09 Pandemonium - Key to the Trunk
10 Pandemonium - An Harlequin's Tale
11 Pandemonium - The End...

Muinomednap! is the 1st chapter of Pandemonium!'s adventure with the promise of flipping your mind upside down and backwards.

Pandemonium!, is an innovative project of Filipe Santos (aka Amithaba Buddha) with influences that come from Ethnic music, Goa, Nitzhonot and Fullon styles, a Goa-Trance project that brings some fresh air to the nowadays Psytrance music.

Pandemonium! is a world of fantasy where anything and everything can happen, and it is brought to you in a storytelling mode where all the elements are combined to bring you a funny way of things with a tiny bit of evilness... in a good way of course.

Pandemonium - Muinomednap: Front
Pandemonium - Muinomednap: Back
Pandemonium - Muinomednap: Back 2
Pandemonium - Muinomednap: Inside
Pandemonium - Muinomednap: Inside 2
Pandemonium - Muinomednap: CD