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Paranoize - In The Lab

Paranoize - In The Lab
LabelInpsyde Media
Typealbum, CD

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Paranoize - In The Lab


01 Paranoize - Antibiotics
02 Paranoize - Silver Suit
03 Paranoize - Hellraiser
04 Paranoize - Omega Drive
05 Paranoize - Up And Up
06 Paranoize - Science-N-Chemicals
07 Paranoize - Too Long In The Lab
08 Paranoize - Ketamaniac Remix
09 Paranoize - Psychedelic Disease

....the wait is over !
Finally the debut album of Alex Ladyzanskiy aka well known act PARANOIZE is now available !
Alex, over the past 5 years released several top-quality night psy tracks full of gloomy feelings and intensively innovative touch.
"In the lab" is an twisted psychoactive journey with driving, pulsating bass lines and introspective stories inside. Every geniously structured track offers an unique mental travel in the darker side of your mind.
If you'll enter in the Lab... you'll hardly escape.

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