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Penta - Give Me Five!

Penta - Give Me Five!
LabelAuraQuake Records
Typealbum, CD

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Penta - Give Me Five!


01 Penta - Downturn
02 Penta - Are We Done Yet?
03 Penta - Robot Poetry
04 Penta - Jingle Bells
05 Penta - Pumpkin
06 Penta - Feeling Faster
07 Penta - We're From The Future
08 Penta - Wonderful Feeling
09 Penta - Ibiza Calling (Azorsky Remix)

From the deep lava tube in the center of Atlantis AuraQuake is proclaiming that after one and a half year adventures around the globe and experiments with the new electro sound as Azorsky, Penta is back with his fifth album! For this occasion we have even convinced Nikita Tselovalnikov to name his new album "Give Me Five!" to underline that it is, in fact his fifth album. As always, there are scores of new technologies and tricks incorporated in each track. From dark minimal "Downturn" through high-resolution "Are We Done Yet?" to happy and morning "Wonderful Feeling" the album covers enough territories to satisfy all tastes in music. The album also features the first Azorsky release, - in this case a remix of an old and rare Penta gem. Naturally, these nine fresh tunes are to be released in both digital and CD format for your maximum enjoyment.

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