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Penta - Horn Please

Penta - Horn Please
LabelAuraQuake Records
Typealbum, CD

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Penta - Horn Please


01 Penta - Perfect Sunday
02 Penta - Aerobica
03 Penta - Stag Party
04 Penta - Foggy
05 Penta - Olympia
06 Penta - Take Two
07 Penta - Non-Profit
08 Penta - Why Not?
09 Penta - Here We Come

Endless travelling, constant noise of the parties, life in hotels, as well as a considerable dose of couch-surfing, has accumulated in Penta's head into something that resembles the chaos of Indian street traffic. Horn Please the message that is written on the back of the sub-continent's trucks could never been more appropriate to describe the desire to bring order to trance musician's life.

This CD, executed in the style of a Mumbai taxi, is a dedication to the crazy party life in the form of a collection of morning and night psytrance tracks, sometimes written in headphones in different parts of the globe, and already successfully tested on the biggest dance floors of the planet.

Faster BPMs than in his previous albums, as well as the use of the latest technologies, makes "Horn Please" one of Nikita's most psychedelic works to date.

Penta - Non-Profit

"The night is hot as hell"
"It's a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town"
"hours later and my head's feeling several sizes too big and that cold thing happens to my stomach"
"stone drunk, just like she was"

From 'Sin City'

Penta - Horn Please: Front