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Perfect Stranger - Changed

Perfect Stranger - Changed
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Perfect Stranger - Changed


01 Perfect Stranger - What's The Lineup (Morax Remix)
02 Antix - Free As We Are (Perfect Stranger's Re-Edit)
03 Perfect Stranger & Ace Ventura - Perfect Ace (Atmos Remix)
04 Atmos - Kns (Perfect Stranger Remix)
05 Perfect Stranger & Pena - Ode Ao Sol (Vibrasphere Remix)
06 B.L.T. - Six Feet Under (Perfect Stranger Remix)
07 Perfect Stranger & Emok - Truth (Motion Drive Remix)
08 Perfect Stranger - Bliss (Flowjob Remix)
09 Perfect Stranger & Pena - Ode Ao Sol (Eitan Reiter Remix)
10 Perfect Stranger & Pena - Ode Ao Sol (Elegant Universe Remix)

Iboga Records Presents the remix CD from Perfect Stranger titled "Changed".

What we have here is simply outstanding! With a line-up of some of the biggest artists around at the moment, and the fact that they are in top form, ensures a sound experience of sublime character.

Atmos is present with a brilliant mix of the track "Perfect Ace, originally by Perfect Stranger & Ace Ventura. The mega track "Ode Ao Sol, released on Pena's Flow Records, is gently taken under care by Elegant Universe who are hitting hard at the moment, as well as by Vibrasphere, who also are making big waves with the album Archipelago at the moment.

It's really hard to pick a favourite on this remix album
that simply oozes of quality. Don't miss it!

Perfect Stranger - Changed: Front