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Perfect Stranger - Learning = Change

Perfect Stranger - Learning = Change
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Perfect Stranger - Learning = Change


01 Perfect Stranger - Starter
02 Perfect Stranger - Dr. Feelgood
03 Perfect Stranger - Morning Blues
04 Perfect Stranger - Those Days
05 Perfect Stranger - Hyperdrive
06 Perfect Stranger feat. Emok - Truth
07 Perfect Stranger - Nobody's Perfect Remix
08 Perfect Stranger feat. Zen Mechanics - Desert Session
09 Schatsi - Radio Schatsi (Perfect Stranger Remix)

Iboga Records presents the first full length album from Perfect Stranger.

It is written by Yuli Fershtat, which also was behind the famous act BLT.

He previously released 3 full length albums on Hommega and Tokyo Dance Records, plus single releases on a pile of compilations around.Yuli has as BLT also released a CD single and an EP on Iboga with good success.

The last couple of years have seen Yuli work closer with Iboga, which he compiled two cds for, namely Set: 4 Essentials from 2004 and Hibernation, which has release on Iboga in February 2006.

The new album sees Yuli explore the borders of trance music and his blend of sounds has generated an interesting style full of groove and tricky details, all making it up for a fun journey into his musical universe.