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Perplex - Dynamic

LabelMDMA Music
Typealbum, CD

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Perplex - Dynamic


01 Perplex - White Widow
02 Perplex - Celebrytease
03 Perplex - Flying V
04 Perplex - Visual Perplex
05 Perplex - Fast Moves
06 Perplex - Dynamic
07 Perplex - BBC 2002
08 Perplex - When I'll know
09 Perplex - Last call

Perplex - Fast Moves

- I’m a member of the crew.
- I suppose we were like you once. Innocent, naïve. But when Suspiria brought us here three hundred years ago she began to teach us how we could become stronger than we ever could have on the homeworld.
- Suspiria. Is that your Caretaker?
- We don't think of her as a Caretaker. Her species is actually called the Nacene.
- Then you do know her! Where is she?
- Nearby. But she's so different from the entity you knew. He was only interested in maintaining the status quo. He kept our people servile and weak. Suspiria taught us how to develop our psycho-kinetic skills that had lain dormant for so long. We have abilities far beyond anything you can imagine.

From episode of 'Star Trek Voyager' (S02E10 - Cold Fire)

Star Trek - Voyager