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Perplex - Ten

Perplex - Ten
LabelUtopia Records

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Perplex - 10


01 Perplex feat. Electra - Toys
02 Perplex - Toshiba Remix
03 Perplex - Old Is Gold
04 Perplex - Switchback
05 Perplex - Rock In The Beach
06 Perplex feat. Electra - I'll Fly With You
07 Perplex - Work It (Life Style Remix)
08 Perplex - Music Generation
09 Perplex - Shamen
10 Perplex - Monterey (Lms Remix)
11 Perplex feat. Electra - Toys (Felguk Remix)

Utopia Records and Psyshop proudly presents Perplex's 10th album ' Ten'.

Delivered with 11 mind blowing tracks and a DVD with studio clips and exclusive tour photos that were never seen before - it's a real audio and visual candy! Perplex has collaborated in this album with Electra as a vocalist and some massive psy trance acts and featured remixes to several past hits - this album was born to conquer dancefloors.

Without a doubt it's a masterpiece.

With 9 studio albums over 13 years and full booked world wide tours, Perplex is about to celebrate his highly expected 10's album with double release of new music and DVD.

Perplex's first musical experience began when he was 14 years old with a local Rock band in which he was the lead singer back in his home town, Haifa. Travels around the world in the early 90's brought Ronen together with Goa Trance music and soon he started to collect records, playing and produce by his own. Since then he never stopped to create more and more new music, releasing albums and dozens of tracks on compilation on major and minor labels such as Spun, Hommega, BNE, Phonokol, Fineplay and more. Perplex always was into collaborations and released many co-made tracks with leading Trance artists as GMS, Space Cat, Sesto Sento and the list is just endless. Today perplex is one of the most requested Trance artists in major parties and Festivals all over the world, feeling easily his tour calender.