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PhasePhour - Fun From Far Away

PhasePhour - Fun From Far Away
Typealbum, CD

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PhasePhour - Fun From Far Away


01 PhasePhour - Fun From Far Away
02 PhasePhour - Scary Up Close
03 PhasePhour - Too Sexy
04 PhasePhour - Flowting Away
05 PhasePhour - What
06 PhasePhour - Still No Flying Cars
07 PhasePhour - The Worlds Biggest Midget
08 PhasePhour - Thinking Of You Was A
09 PhasePhour - Nothing Man
10 PhasePhour - The Land

Phase Phour - Fun From Far Away is a progressive psychedelic masterpiece for the ears, mind and body. From begining to end you are taken on a journey both deep and groovy as well as up-lifting and meloding yet never cheesy. This multi-genre work of art is influenced by many schools of music and it always manages to take the best and most hypnoticly addicting parts and weave together a synthesis of the harmonies to create a compelling a richly diverse tapestry of sound.

Phase Phour is highly experienced at conjouring up mental vistas that transport the listner to far away fun filled places and skirt the edges of the dangerous and scary realities with out getting too close for comfort. Layer after layer of myriad fantastic realities await those daring to go on the voyage. Beware... you may never wish to return to your former world wishing to instead tranform what your life was into this dazzling array of epic compositions for the soul.