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Phatmatix - Sorcery

Phatmatix - Sorcery
LabelYabai Records
Typealbum, CD

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Phatmatix - Sorcery


01 Phatmatix - Deus Ex Machina
02 Phatmatix - Hysteria
03 Phatmatix - Sorcery
04 Phatmatix - Time Distortion
05 Phatmatix - Les Contes De Fees
06 Phatmatix - Metamorphose
07 Phatmatix - Bizarre Phenomena
08 Phatmatix - Vertigo
09 Phatmatix - End Of Silence

"Yabai Records" are proud to present "Phatmatix" debut album "Sorcery". After numerous attention grabbing tracks on world famous labels "Stephane Rault" overtakes the standards and expectations of the psychedelic community. For more than a year, he has worked meticulously on this album whose production process was influenced by the mystic tales of dungeons,dragons, the worlds of the twilight creatures, fairies and little lepricorns . Already approved on dancefloors around the globe he convinces with a bunch of supernatural effects and extraordinary sounds. "Phatmatix" shapes your listening power, re sculpts your brain and paints a masterpiece in nine acts, all fitting splendidly together in an intelligent story which will leave you begging for more. Be prepared for the sorcery, let the ritual begin!

Phatmatix - Sorcery: Front