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Phatmatix - The Divine Comedy

Phatmatix - The Divine Comedy
LabelYabai Records
Typealbum, CD

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Phatmatix - The Divine Comedy


01 Phatmatix - Babylon Circus
02 Phatmatix - Labyrinth
03 Phatmatix - The Punishment
04 Phatmatix - Beyond Reality (Live Remix)
05 Phatmatix - The Void
06 Phatmatix - Dominator
07 Phatmatix - Hominus Nocturna
08 Phatmatix - Melodreams
09 Phatmatix - In Tenebris

Yabai Records proudly present the return of Phatmatix!

Over the last 5 years Stephane Rault from France has established himself as one of the top psytrance producers, currently electrifying dance floors worldwide. This acclaim was cemented with the release of his debut album the famous 'Ministry of chaos' compilation along with a string of compilation releases on highly respected international labels.

This exposure coupled with years of experience has lead Phatmatix to work on his highly anticipated second album 'The Divine Comedy', a sonic vision of the afterlife from the Circles of Hell to the Spheres of Heaven. Phatmatix draws the listener into an epic journey through a dark forest with the use of complex industrial grooves, deep atmospheres and hi tech precision driving leads and taking dancefloors to a new level!

Stephane displays a real passion for psychedelic music and this is expressed through his meticulous attention to detail, a natural flare for creativity and energetic crowd interaction during his high-impact live set. All of which culminates to an unforgettable experience on the trancefloor!

Be prepared for the Comedy!

Phatmatix - The Divine Comedy: Front