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Philter - Global Transmission

Philter - Global Transmission
LabelSynergetic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Philter - Global Transmission


01 Philter - Zero Tone
02 Philter - Stranger
03 Philter - Insomnia
04 Philter - The Night Before The Day After
05 Philter - Follow Me
06 Philter - Lie Down
07 Philter - Hit The Spot
08 Philter - Backfold

This DJ-Gear works on the Dancefloor!

Philter is a progressive trance act based in northen Germany. Having a background in sound engineering, the step to becoming a producer and live-act was a natural progression. Technical ability, experience and some studies in popular music paved the way for this promising project. Philter developed his passion for trance music while training and working at Butterfly Studio, one of the pioneering studios that played a major role in shaping trance music and the scene.

Phil has already worked for Synergetic and remixed Feuerhake's Dancefloor Bomb 'Tic Tac'. The key elements that define Philters sound are: Hypnotic arrangements, atmospheric and uplifting melodies combined with solid progressive grooves. The full lenth debut album 'Global Transmission' showcases 9 dancefloor orientated tracks, each unique in their own right, yet all with an infectious driving progressive flow. The sophisticated and mature sound captures true emotion, and gives rise to a positive state of mind. Dj tool and listening gem alike, Global Transmission will delight all listeners.

Compilation releases and some national and international club and open air performances let the project grow and mature. Global Transmission is the result of this growth, development and absolute dedication, passion and love for progressive trance music.

Turn on your reciever and adjust the antenna, the Global Transmission broadcast is on air.

Philter - Global Transmission: Front