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Phonic Request - Invasive Process

Phonic Request - Invasive Process
LabelMahogany Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Phonic Request - Side A (Alter Ego Remix)
02 Phonic Request - System Init
03 Phonic Request feat. Shagma - Dual Scream
04 Phonic Request - Syntax
05 Phonic Request - Invasive Process
06 Phonic Request feat. Principles of Flight - Crash Bug
07 Phonic Request - Mekagroovik
08 Phonic Request - Disturbing Behaviour
09 Phonic Request feat. Akhoa & Illegal Machines - Drop Filter

Here comes our second release. After the compilation Exotica. Mahogany records are proud to present the Phonic Request debut album Invasive Process.

Experienced french composer, Wilfried Decaesteker shows us the extent of his talents in sonic alchemy by delivering his first long play effort: Invasive Process. Resolutely psyche influenced artist, here appears the Yang face of this Guitarist!

Phonic Request delivers us 9 pieces of music mixing all kinds of climax, atmospheres and as many successful tests. On the basis of collaborations with Principles of Flight, Shagma and even till the tech-trance oriented remix of Hybrid Rise orignally constructed by progressive musican, Side-A.

This long-play shows and amazes us on the capacity of this artist in amalgamating styles, changing face, bringing massive groove as a particular and so specific process to this artist.

Rounds and agressive rhytmics at the same time, real dancefloor bombs also due to these blendings, mechanic resonances, ethereal and spellbinding soundscapes, overwhelming mental leads and so many other ingredients, here is truly a new face of psyche music.

Phonic Request - Invasive Process: Front