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Pitch Black - Rhythm, Sound & Movement

Pitch Black - Rhythm, Sound & Movement
LabelDubmission Records
Typealbum, CD

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Pitch Black - Rhythm, Sound And Movement


01 Pitch Black - 1000 Mile Drift International Observer
02 Pitch Black - Transient Transmissions Deep Fried Dub
03 Pitch Black - Rude Mechanicals Mistrust
04 Pitch Black - Bird Soul Fold Vs Horace
05 Pitch Black - Bird Soul - Subtone
06 Pitch Black - Sonic Colonic - Patch
07 Pitch Black - South Of The Line - Bluetech
08 Pitch Black - Harmonia - Neon Stereo
09 Pitch Black - Please Leave Quietly Johnny Hooves
10 Pitch Black - Bird Soul Kerretta
11 Pitch Black - 1000 Mile Drift Simon Flower
12 Pitch Black - Harmonia Rob
13 Pitch Black - Fragile Ladders Groove Yantra
14 Pitch Black - Please Leave Quietly Friends Electric

Rhythm, Sound and Movement is a collection of remixes of tracks from Pitch Black's Rude Mechanicals album, which, reflecting the duo's wide ranging tastes and styles, encompasses nearly every genre of electronica and dance music there is.

The compilation kicks off with two heavily dubwise numbers from former Thomspon Twin, International Observer, and Melbourne's deadly duo, Deep Fried Dub. England's Mistrust adds breaks to the mix, which Fold and Horace then throw into the blender with their dubstep meets drum'n'bass reduction of Bird Soul.

Subtone gets us back on track with his techstep mix of taut beats and restrained funk, and Heavyweight Dub Champion's Patch's bass laden beats prepare the ground nicely for psy star Bluetech's electro dub version of South of the Line. Neon Stereo takes us out onto the dancefloor with some tight tech house grooves and Johhny Hooves keeps us there by dropping Bukem style atmospheric drum'n'bass.

Kerretta blow the whole thing out of the water with an amazingly indescribable remix labels like "post rock" and "shoegaze" don't do them any justice at all, while sublime, stunning and cinematic possibly do. Poker Flat's Simon Flower carries on this blissful theme with his floating remix, while Rob's is more akin to drowning!

Thankfully Groove Yantra saves us from the murky depths with their upbeat world beats, and Friends Electric send us back into orbit, blending pulsating beats with a growling bassline.

All in all, a worthy addition to the Pitch Black cannon, similar to their previous remix collection, Frequencies Fall, in it's eclectic ness, with some tracks made for the dancefloor, some for the living room, and some for the bedroom ;-) Rhythm, Sound and Movement indeed

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