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Pixel - Reality Strikes Back

Pixel - Reality Strikes Back
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typealbum, CD

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Pixel - Reality Strikes Back


01 Pixel & Silent Sphere - Smart Planet
02 Astrix - Chaos (Pixel vs Wrecked Machines Remix)
03 Pixel - Flip The Script
04 Pixel vs Intelabeam - Happy Lepsya
05 Pixel & Psysex - Wild And Friendly
06 Pixel vs Wrecked Machines - Real Pimp Never Gets Caught
07 Pixel & Sub 6 - Teder Beseder (Live Mix)
08 Pixel - In The Snooze
09 Pixel - Disco Nection

Pixel & Silent Sphere - Smart Planet

CQ, CQ, This W9GFO here, come back.
Is anybody out there?
Copy W9GFO, K4WLD here.
Where are you K4WLD? Come back.

From the movie 'Contact'


Pixel - Reality Strikes Back: Front
Pixel - Reality Strikes Back: Back
Pixel - Reality Strikes Back: Inside