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Planum - Spying Imagination

Planum - Spying Imagination
LabelSunDance Records
Typealbum, CD

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Planum - Spying Imagination


01 Planum - Dancing Orchestra
02 Planum - Skittering
03 Planum - Main Stage
04 Planum - Living On My Own feat Freddy Mercury
05 Planum - Hot Places
06 Planum - Musical Fluctuation
07 Planum - No Drugs No War Only Sex & Music
08 Planum - Revived
09 Planum - Old School Vs Hi Tech
10 Planum feat. Zbigniew Preisner - Marionettes

SunDance Records is proud to present the much anticipated 2nd album of Russian Maestro 'Planum' titled 'Spying Imagination'. With his legendary underground status firmly in place after the first album, Planum pushes his sound to a new level of vibe and production. Planum's new sound has a clean and crisp production, and magical intros that set a most unique vibe at parties. Enormously powerful rolling, yet playful basslines with smooth emotive pitch changes are accompanied by outrageously huge synth lines and melodies and intelligent percussion.

Unique build ups and percussive fills give an almost live drumming feel to his tracks and unpredictable direction changes ensure a totally psychedelic experience. Planum explores new directions from his 1st album with some tracks having more a tech feel to them, whilst others are like a complete orchestral experience. This is fairy tale journey trance supported by the tightest Russian production and melodies from beyond.