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Polypheme - Black Magic

Polypheme - Black Magic
Typealbum, CD

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Polypheme - Black Magic


01 Polypheme - Freak
02 Polypheme - Henawo
03 Block Device vs Polypheme - Shockwave
04 Polypheme - To The Record
05 Polypheme - Te Quiero Puta (Block Device Remix)
06 Polypheme - Nicotine For Silverscreen Part.2
07 Block Device - Way Back Machines (PolyphEme Remix)
08 Polaris - Control (Polypheme Remix)
09 PolyphEme feat. Hich - Locomotiv

POLYPHEME is a new French FULL ON project from Dj Cyclopes aka CHRISTOPHE DONNA 28 years old from PARIS. Early in his psytrance development the Polypheme project received special training from psytrance master and legend POLARIS. These amazing tutoring sessions allowed Christophe to focus on his concept and now he has a powerful sound that rivals the most well known producers coupled with his uncanny knack for flow and arrangement makes the sexy sounds of Polypheme an instant world wide hit! Following his smashing success of his debut EP this album comes out just in time to explode the summer festival circuit! Look for Polypheme on the "BLACK MAGIC" world tour. Christophe was born in 1979 in the north of France and he's fund of electronic music since the secondary school. He discovered the trance music in 2000 at the time of a New Year party organized by Gaia Concept. After several party he has taken part in the organization of Symbiosis' party in 2001 and 2002 and after some experiences and much training with decks, he joined ANTHARES Team in 2002 as DJ for the greater pleasure - (big thought for "MAN'S" which left us) In 2003, he has joined the team (your trance web radio) with DJ NAYA(Mahogany Rec) / DJ KRISTONIC / YUMAN(mind control Rec) / BERTRAND and LILIE for 2 years of pure happiness and good vibes during the organization of the LIVE! shows. Currently DJ Cyclopes is located in Paris area and he begun a musical project called POLYPHEME. In 2004, he has taken part in the realization of the track "Moon Shot" with POLARIS left on NEUROBIOTIC RDS. Since then, he has worked on new Full-on style's tracks that you can discover on his MySpace. In 2007, he joined the Mahogany records crew with MESMERIZER,BOBBY WAN,CRYING FREEMEN,PHONIC REQUEST,DYNO... and more. Thanks to DJ NAYA!!! in 2008, he started a new project Electro Progressive "CRISTO DISTO" and he prepared POLYPHEME album 'black magic" soon available on GEOMAGNETIC records composed by dynamic beat and energetic bass lines with a full effect on any dance floor! In 2009 POLYPHEME joins MIND CONTROL records team with TALAMASCA, XSI, LIFE EXTENSION and more.