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Polyploid - Grow Your Own

Polyploid - Grow Your Own
LabelChill Tribe Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Polyploid - Space Boxing
02 Polyploid - Unlimited Weapons
03 Polyploid - Nought Ark
04 Bunker Din - A Pocket Epic
05 Polyploid vs Deviant Electronics - Salmon Shandy
06 Polyploid - Bishop's Song
07 Polyploid vs Deviant Electronics - Trick Dust
08 Polyploid - Triumph Of Reason
09 Missed Cannon - Three Quarter Tortoise
10 Polyploid - Just Pray
11 Polyploid - Wishful Thinking

Chris Gannon from the UK is back with a new album, this time exploring the chilled side of break beats. Polyploid was a familiar name in the global Goa trance scene in the mid nineties, when he was releasing vinyls and an album (Touch Proof) on Intruder Records, besides tracks on compilations on various labels such as Mazzo, Kikckin, Chaos Unlimited and Polygram. He also had a few side projects such as Immobilon and Slender Fungus, besides running Helix Records. In this period he also made several groups with Ciaran Walsh, most known as Deviant Electronics, who has participated on three of the tracks on this album. They were releasing music as MOK Systems, Breach Of Space and Bunker Din on Symbiosis Records and M.E.L.T. On this album he serves eleven refreshing tracks with beautiful melodies, experimental sound pictures, break beats and ambient, including tons of creativity. Also noticable is his collaborations with Deviant Electronics, including one track where we get percussion by South African musician Mabi Thobejane, known from Amampondo and Juno Reactor.

All the profits from this album will go to the Blessed Comfort Center boys and girls Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania, to help children with HIV and aids.

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