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Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors

Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors
LabelTwisted Records
Typealbum, CD

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Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors


01 Prometheus - Arcadia Magik
02 Prometheus - One Cell Short Of A Brain
03 Prometheus - Drug Sock
04 Prometheus - The Logic Of The Polyphonic
05 Prometheus - 9th (The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker)
06 Prometheus - Soma
07 Prometheus - Oz
08 Prometheus - Cherry Pie

The much-anticipated second album of Twisted's boy wonder Prometheus is here at last!

Two years after Benji Vaughn's 'Robot-o-Chan' rocked dancefloors worldwide, a new twisted journey into the world of psychedelia can be found in 'Corridor Of Mirrors'.

Each track reveals different aspects of this gifted producer's musical tastes and abilities. While his melodic structure varies from hypnotic to quirky to uplifting, his sonic scultping and sense of structure are always consistently focused.

The dreamy opening of Arcadia Magik sets the groundwork for the journey through the 'Corridor of Mirrors', with its hypnotic harmonic loop, crystalline sounds, and solid kick. One Cell Short Of A Brain is a synaptic sizzler that pulses and vibrates with relentless combinations of rhythmic harmonic patterns. Drug Sock features some of Prometheus' patented atonal melodies, squelchy sounds, and whimsical samples, while The Logic of Polyphonic has a driving rhythm and full-on ascending riffs that build to an anthemic conclusion.

Prometheus - Soma

Soma is not really a plant, poetry is not really language! Soma is poetry... the origin of poetry is Soma!

Ploughing the Clouds: the Search for Irish Soma

Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors: Front
Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors: Back
Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors: Back 2
Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors: Inside
Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors: Inside 2
Prometheus - Corridor Of Mirrors: CD