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Protoculture - Circadians

Protoculture - Circadians
LabelNano Records
Typealbum, CD

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Protoculture - Circadians


01 Protoculture - Out Of Reality
02 Protoculture - Sweet Fine Crystaline
03 Protoculture - Break Out
04 Protoculture - Circadians
05 Protoculture - Innit
06 Protoculture - Hitched
07 Protoculture - Driven
08 Protoculture - Terra Tronics
09 Protoculture - Halo

'Circadians'is without a doubt one of the most anticipated albums of 2006 and promises to push the Protoculture name to even greater heights. After his now classic 'Refractions' debut release in 2003 and Dj compilation 'Natural Selection' released in 2004, Protoculture fans have been eagerly awaiting new sounds from the Protoculture studio.

Having added some high end tech to the Protoculture studio, Nate has been refining his techniques to what his now an even bigger and more powerful sound.

Instantly recognisable as the Protoculture sound 'Circadians' showcases some harder techier moments besides the awesome uplifting and melodic moments that he is so famous for. Circadians looks set to be one of'the' albums of the year and will certainly deliver exactly what his fans love about his music and more!

Protoculture - Terra Tronics

"Mars Approach, Darkstar with you, zero seven zero, sixty-three, passing through three eight thousand."

"Roger Darkstar, descend to two thousand, set speed, contact ground on two six nine seven two."

"Roger that, Tower."

'Incoming transport detected.'

"I think I've found the map alluded to on one of the tablets. The artifact is constructed into the ceiling and it is a magnificent find."

"It appears to be made of some crystalline material, and even after all this time, it is still emitting a soft glow. The markings on it were strangely familiar when I first observed it, and after digitizing it and analyzing it, I'm certain this is a map of our solar system."

From the game 'Doom 3'