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Psilodump - The Nya Albumet

Psilodump - The Nya Albumet
LabelDemon Tea Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Psilodump - The Nya Albumet


01 Psilodump - areyo2uD Part 1
02 Psilodump - The Ninja Pugdogs
03 Psilodump - The Droidduck
04 Psilodump - Phonebook
05 Psilodump - The Trumis
06 Psilodump - Only See Myself
07 Psilodump - Close But Not Ne
08 Psilodump - The Droidbird In The Snowstorm
09 Psilodump - Adumbrations In Battle
10 Psilodump - Winds
11 Psilodump - I'm So Full Of You
12 Psilodump - Intermediate
13 Psilodump - Ad Hoc

01 Psilodump - areyo2uD Part 2
02 Psilodump - Datamaskin
03 Psilodump - Mutiny Of The Robots
04 Psilodump - Faculties In Dreams
05 Psilodump - Phonebook (Mr. Password Fetus Remix)
06 Psilodump - The Droidpussies
07 Psilodump - Eight4
08 Psilodump - Conveyor Belt
09 Psilodump - The Kung-Fu Fish Eats The Buns
10 Psilodump - The Elak Pepparkaka
11 Psilodump - Bort (Vill Inte Gå Remix)
12 Psilodump - Rethought7

Demon Tea is proud to present the third official album by Swedish genre defying electronic music producer Simon Rahm aka Psilodump.

Psilodump's sound may be hard to define or explain, but could be vaguely described as flexible, eclectic and maybe even somewhat schizoid. Filled with small details, lush melodies, mysterious darkness, complex but groovy rhythms, clever cuts and breaks, shifting or parallel moods, spiced up with a wild imagination, on the edge to overkill, Psilodump still manages to deliver a recognizable "Psilodumpish" sound. What at one moment is lively, wild, energetic, loud and hard, can the next be quiet, passive, mechanical and/or neurotic, if not all entirely at the same time.

Simon started composing electronic music in late 1991. Although already getting his first record deal offer in 1996, it was in 2001 he got his first official release; a vinyl EP on the Swiss experimental electronica label Domizil, followed up the next year by another two vinyl releases, one on Swedish breakbeat label Sound of Habib, and on on Swedish tech house label Q-Records. In 2006, after numerous releases on netlabels, such as Monotonik, Kahvi Collective, 8bitpeoples and Candy Mind, Simon released his first CD album, "Psilodumputer", in strictly limited quantities, on a small Swedish label, Ninjani Diskus. Shortly after, Simon was inspired to set up his own label, called 476 Records, where he released his second CD album, "Never Heal". Simon has also done remixes for artists such as Kraftwerk, Slagsmålsklubben and Bodenständig 2000.

Simon has diligently been performing his music live since 1996, at both big commercial and underground rave-parties, clubs and cafes, festivals, culture events and demo parties. To date, he has covered about 120 gigs, in 15 different countries, including France, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy, Israel and Spain - alongside artists, acts and DJ's, such as Neil Landstrumm, Chris Liebing, Cari Lekebusch, Thomas Krome, Infected Mushroom, Slagsmålsklubben, Bit Shifter and Kleerup.

In Sweden, he has performed at notable festivals such as Peace & Love 2008, Norberg Festival 2008, Arvika Festival 2005 and 2002.