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Psychotic Micro - Edge Of Sanity

Psychotic Micro - Edge Of Sanity
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typealbum, CD


01 Psychotic Micro - Dissociative Identity
02 Psychotic Micro - Heavier
03 Psychotic Micro - The End
04 Psychotic Micro - Paranoid
05 Psychotic Micro - Legend
06 Psychotic Micro - The Prayer
07 Psychotic Micro - Schizophrenia
08 Psychotic Micro - Cooking The Brain
09 Psychotic Micro - American Nightmare

PSYCHOTIC MICRO are Micky Lellouche and Kobi Stavi from Israel. They discovered psy-trance music in the early 90's, both coming from the rock scene: Mickey as a drummer in a metal band and Kobi as a guitar player in a psychedelic rock group. Over the past few years they have become one of the most sought-after artists in the dark psy-trance genre, performing live at parties all over the world.

This is their debut solo album, having previously released two split albums, one together with Azax Syndrom on Parvati Records "Voices of Madness" and one with together with Trashlords on Stone Age Records, both in 2003, becoming very successful.

They have also released many tracks on compilations from Apocalypse, Beyondlogic, Chemical Crew, Discovalley, Noize Conspiracy, Parvati, Serephena, Stone Age and Yage; with many collaborations such as with Toxic on Paradiso and Deja Vu Recds and with Winter Demon ("Psychotic Demon") on Noize Conspiracy and with Digital Talk ("Psycho Talk") on Acidance and Parvati Records

Psychotic Micro - Edge Of Sanity: Front