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Psychoz - 2012 There Is No Return

Psychoz - 2012 There Is No Return
LabelShaman Films Records
Typealbum, CD

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Psychoz - 2012 There Is No Return


01 Psychoz - Mistery
02 Psychoz - An Entrance
03 Psychoz - Tools Of The Trade
04 Psychoz - Valley Of The Lost Souls
05 Psychoz - Twisted Garden
06 Psychoz - Retribution
07 Psychoz - Over The Hills
08 Psychoz - Spiritual Beggars
09 Psychoz - Soulwax
10 Psychoz - Murder - (Video Track By Egnogra)

The end of the last Cycle of the 13 baktun is almost near causing the resonance of the planet to rise to achieving zero point towards the 5th dimension prophesied by the ancient elders..

Psychoz tuned to this chaotic transforming experience gives us a peak into whats next..

Nine Audio Transmissions and one visual code channeled by Egnogra emerged from Psychoz Laboratory @ Nurnberg, Germany

Mastered by Tim @ 4CN Studios

Psychoz - 2012 There Is No Return: Front