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Psydrop - The Miracle Man

Psydrop - The Miracle Man
LabelAgitato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Psydrop - The Miracle Man


01 Psydrop - Angels Dust
02 Psydrop - Mind Refund
03 Psydrop - Imaginary Reality
04 Psydrop - Radical Command
05 Psydrop - The Power Plant
06 Psydrop - Perspective Sound
07 Psydrop - Higher Destinations
08 Psydrop - Online Opus

Psydrop - Mind Refund

'... he believed that the Bible was actually a holographic computer program! And that instead of two dimensions, it should be studied in three! If this could be achieved, the code could actually feed us prophecies of our coming future!'

Spoken by Dr. Lane in "The Omega Code"

The Omega Code

Psydrop - The Miracle Man: Front