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Psymmetrix - Twin Headed Monster

Psymmetrix - Twin Headed Monster
LabelBom Shanka Music
Typealbum, CD


01 Psymmetrix - The Tadpole
02 Psymmetrix - Nil By Nostril
03 Psymmetrix - Smack My Pitch Up
04 Psymmetrix - Frequency Derangement
05 Psymmetrix - Polar Shift
06 Psymmetrix - Split The Difference
07 Psymmetrix - Not Written Yet
08 Psymmetrix - Walk Through The Forest
09 Psymmetrix - Fuck Chill Out
10 Psymmetrix - Have Some Of That

The d├ębut album Twin Headed Monster by the Psymmetrix boys features 10 monstrous tracks in all sorts of psychedelic flavours, except cheese! The product of 9 months of dancefloor testing and intense studio programming culminates in a thumper of an album, from start to finish your head won't stop spinning and your feet won't stop grinning! Finally our neighbours can rest, but yours won't be able to! This DJ friendly disc is also designed to be listened to at home as a seamless acid-drenched journey, flowing through some of the most psychedelic music to be unleashed for the minds of tomorrow.

Psymmetrix - Twin Headed Monster: Front