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Psyside - Turbulences

Psyside - Turbulences
Typealbum, CD


01 Psyside - 3 Dimensional Life Form
02 Psyside - Run After Sleep
03 Psyside - Brain Under Control
04 Psyside - Narcotrip
05 Psyside - Balagan in Tokyo
06 Psyside - Excalibur, I Call on your Power
07 Psyside - Crazy Space Lab (Remix)
08 Psyside - Children of the Night
09 Psyside - Signs From Beyond

Psyside - 3 Dimensional Life Form

"My code name is Project 2501 and I am a lifeform that was born in a sea of information." @ 0:24

- "Scanning for identification." @ 0:38
- "I was running a test to perform an unscheduled test." @ 3:47
- "Please. Be more specific, Benjamin." @ 3:51
- "Wanting is is a human emotion and not within my capability." @ 3:54
- "Deep space rescue and recovery." @ 5:49
- "This is Trans Soma medical rescue vessel Nightingale 229 hailing Trans Soma mining operation Titan 37. Repeat: This is Trans Soma medical rescue vessel Nightingale 229 hailing Trans Soma mining operation Titan 37." @ 7:13

First from 'Ghost In The Shell', second from 'Supernova'

Ghost In The Shell

Psyside - Run After Sleep

"For six months, I couldn't sleep. With insomnia nothing is real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy." @ 0:09

From the movie 'Fight Club'

Fight Club

Psyside - Narcotrip

"Take the red pill." @ 0:21 (Morpheus)

From the movie 'The Matrix'


Psyside - Signs From Beyond

"'There really is no satisfactory scientific explanation. Stigmatics are deeply religious people.' (Kiernan)
'We're gonna do whatever we can to find out but all things considered, I think it might explain a lot.' (Doctor)
'Throughout history, only people who believe deeply in God have been afflicted with these wounds. The nearer they come to God, the more open they are to the torment of their demons. The Church regards it as a gift - a gift from God.'" @ 0:07 (Kiernan)
- "... looking for the candle that was lit two thousand years ..." @ 4:42 (Brother Delmonico)

From the movie 'Stigmata'


Psyside - Turbulences: Front
Psyside - Turbulences: Back
Psyside - Turbulences: Back 2
Psyside - Turbulences: Inside
Psyside - Turbulences: CD