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Psywalker - Inverted Vertigo

Psywalker - Inverted Vertigo
LabelDigital Psionics
Typealbum, CD

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Psywalker - Inverted Vertigo


01 Psywalker - The Dark Side
02 Psywalker - Kong
03 Psywalker - Inverted Vertigo
04 Psywalker - Dreamweaver (Remix)
05 Psywalker vs Dark Nebula - Some Kind Of Spaceship
06 Psywalker vs Space Tribe - Twitch (Psywalker Re-visited)
07 Psywalker - Chemical Tranceformation
08 Psywalker - Mind Expansion
09 Psywalker vs Space Tribe - The Prophecy

Digital Psionics is proud present the debut album from Psywalker called "Inverted Vertigo".

This album presents Another ground breaker, another monster from Doctor Psionicstein. This creation has escaped from our Transaustralian castle by the seaside.

Flashes of lightning have brought to life something for our ears and our feet to pound away. With collaborations from Psywalker's close friends Dark Nebula and Space Tribe, its time to cross international waters with this supremepiece of musical mayhem.

Psywalker builds a platform high above the psychedelic sky, where rainbows of sound meet a storm so powerful and yet so unique and twisted, it's hardto imagine that this force of sound can fit on one compact disc. Welcome this monster with open arms, don't be afraid and feel the future of Psionic Rock.

Psywalker takes a walk on the wild side.

Psywalker - Inverted Vertigo: Front