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Puoskari - The Audio Hustler

Puoskari - The Audio Hustler
LabelFaerie Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Puoskari - The Audio Hustler


01 Puoskari - Aamuvenytys
02 Puoskari - Fifty-Sixty
03 Puoskari - Hit And Run
04 Puoskari - Humboogie
05 Puoskari - 7teas
06 Puoskari - AivoMayra
07 Puoskari - The Audio Hustler
08 Puoskari - Herra Janis
09 Puoskari - Kammioparina
10 Puoskari - Vipinaa 0-kulmassa

Puoskari's first album 'Audio Hustler' was released on Finnish label Freakdance Records as a local Finnish release in 2004 with very limited distribution elsewhere in the world.

Audio Hustler recieved high acclaim from fans of funky psychedelic trance and was sold out within a year of being released, leaving many who have only just discovered the joys of Finnish forest trance out in the cold. but not any longer, Faerie Dragon will be doing another limited release of this classic album with worldwide distribution to help spread the freak dance vibe a little further.

Faerie Dragon is a sub-label of Sonic Dragon.

Puoskari - The Audio Hustler: Front