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Pure Pressure & Standard Clear - Ga Shin Shou Tan

Pure Pressure & Standard Clear - Ga Shin Shou Tan
LabelNonverbal Communications
Typealbum, CD


01 Pure Pressure - Are You gonna Go My Way
02 Standard Clear - Long Train Runnin
03 Pure Pressure - Unbelievable
04 Standard Clear - Blackwater
05 Pure Pressure - Clear Sky
06 Standard Clear - Detente
07 Pure Pressure - Old Forest
08 Standard Clear - Chiko
09 Standard Clear - FFT

King records presents 120% JAPANESE TRANCE the first in a series of cutting edge releases showcasing the real sound of the Japanese psytrance scene.. Featuring 9 dancefloor bombs specially recorded by Tokyo scenesters STANDARD CLEAR , a collaboration of Fran and Tadashi Sasaki, who as Theoreme, Japans most famous psy artist has scored numerous trancefloor hits with 3D Vison, Space Tribe etc.. - and PURE PRESSURE, Yohei Matsuzaki, here unleashing his first international releases, and characterized by superb production skills.

120% JAPANESE TRANCE features 5 stunning original tracks from these two premier artists, as well as their takes on classic trax by Lenny Kravitz, Doobie Brothers, EMF and Octave One, all tried and tested at numerous parties on the Japanese psy scene

Pure Pressure & Standard Clear - Ga Shin Shou Tan: Front