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Ra - 9th

Ra - 9th
LabelSuntrip Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ra - 9th


01 Ra - Intro
02 Ra - Octagon
03 Ra - Predator
04 Ra - Other Self
05 Ra - Ultima Energica
06 Ra - Time Current
07 Ra - Spirit Complex
08 Ra - Transcendent
09 Ra - Expand Consciousness
10 Ra - Light Receiver

Suntrip is known for selecting its releases carefully and amaze the dancefloors. This time again, no compromise on quality.

Christer Borge Lunde set some of the Goa Trance genre milestones, as part of the famous group Dimension5, or in more personal projects (RA, Electron Wave). With his team-mate Lars W. Lind, they offer us an enlightening story, a subtle dreamy adventure across eastern melodic ambiences.

This allum was >2 years in the making and artists were let as much time as needed for an exhilarating release, which explains this SUNCD07 is out after SUNCD10.

Right before the summer, a colourful release, contrasting with galore mainstream-unsurprising releases all around. Here is the chance to rediscover the pleasures of real melodic psytrance with modern production.

This release is wonderfully mastered by Tim Schuldt, the result is deep, sensitive, and aerial.

RA - Intro

'Created in the earliest of time. RA. Guardian of the Inner Light. Descending from high. RA. RA. The traveller has come'

Ra - 9th: Front
Ra - 9th: Back
Ra - 9th: Back 2
Ra - 9th: Inside
Ra - 9th: Inside 2
Ra - 9th: CD