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Random - Implicate Order

Random - Implicate Order
Typealbum, CD

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Random - Implicate Order


01 Random - The Implicate
02 Random - Inured
03 Random - Life And Everything
04 Random - Intentionality
05 Random - Personal Came
06 Random - Evil Words
07 Random - Cosmic Puzzle
08 Random - 13 Again Remix
09 Random - The Explicate

Random is the at the front of the pack of PSYTRANCE artists coming from the highly anticipated hot bed in the usa- SAN FRANCISCO.

He has toured the US extensively testing his music on dancefloors and festivals, clubs and outdoors, night time and day. His flavor is ripe for the harvest and the music is perfectly seasoned for maximizing your pleasure centers! Not only has this genius of the psychdelic wizardry been zapping packed dance floors silly but he has been doing it for many years both as one of the Bay Areas first GOA/PSY djs (Flawless mixing is his trademark) but also as one of the pioneering projects Producing and releasing music as early as 2001!

The world is ready for this dance floor sensation to storm you into bliss!!!