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Rastaliens - Back On Earth

Rastaliens - Back On Earth
LabelPhar Psyde Records
Typealbum, CD

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Rastaliens - Back On Earth


01 Rastaliens - Crazy On Chocolate
02 Rastaliens - Hidden Signs
03 Rastaliens - Mystic Machine
04 Rastaliens - Sarah Tonin
05 Rastaliens - Spaceshifter
06 Rastaliens - Funky Kanguru
07 Rastaliens - Do It
08 Rastaliens - Outer Body
09 Rastaliens - Electromatic
10 Rastaliens - Dusty Lizard

After 10 years of producing some of the most groove enticing psy-trance in the world, a quick jaunt across the cosmos and returning with new alien technologies, the Rasta's are back! With over 26 single releases on the worlds most respected labels and a full 2 artists albums under their belt; get ready for a better than return of the jedi's third instalment as the Rastaliens return Back On Earth'.

It has been 3 long years that the world has waited for these highly anticipated corkers to be unleashed. After a long break and transmitting various tracks from the outer universe before re-landing with these 10 bum-spanking belters of intergalactic grooves that the world has been waiting for.

Phar Psyde Records are proud to present our third album, first full artists album and Rastaliens 3rd full album to date. The interstellar voyage returns to the good ol' milky-way with the alien sounds re-engineered, remastered and re tweaked to give a full-punching grittier style to previous releases. All in all this is one PHAT album that we are proud to release and know will stir the sensations of the soul from the deepest emotions buried within. So tune in to the alien FM and let the Rastaliens guide you through from the upfront to the phar psyde of sound, possibility and imagination.

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