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Rawar - Psychedelic Inferno, Black Book I

Rawar - Psychedelic Inferno, Black Book I
LabelBlack Magik Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Rawar - Satanic Rites
02 Rawar - I See No Evil
03 Rawar - I Saw The Movie
04 Rawar - What The Hell...
05 Rawar - In League With The Devil
06 Rawar - Atmospheric Bitch
07 Rawar - The Speed Demon
08 Rawar - The Evil King
09 Rawar - The Number Of The Beast

RAWAR is Helder Amaral of Portugal. He has been creating music in metal bands and electronic styles for over ten years. Black Magik Records is pleased to release his first trance album entitled "Black Book I - Psychedelic Inferno". RAWAR (Raw War) commands a very raw, aggressive and hypnotic style that is all his own and which makes us proud to have him as a member of the Black Magik family. The first in a series of "Black Books", "Psychedelic Inferno" is brilliantly laced and cinematically interwoven with a huge collection of samples relating to the Devil himself and his lusty female followers. This album is dedicated to "Satan and the Black Hordes of Hell" and marks the definite coming of the Antichrist, the ultimate rebel. The Black Book album art is designed to be reversible and comes shipped with a 8 page booklet and the completely black cover facing out. How much more black could the cover be? The answer of course is "none more black". This slamming mind blender of an album will leave listeners asking the timeless question of just "Who is the Beast?"

Rawar - Psychedelic Inferno, Black Book I: Front