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Rena Jones - Driftwood

Rena Jones - Driftwood
LabelNative State Records
Typealbum, CD

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Rena Jones - Driftwood


01 Rena Jones - From Star To Seed
02 Rena Jones - Photosynthesis
03 Rena Jones - Driftwood
04 Rena Jones - Open Me Slowly
05 Rena Jones - Undercurrent
06 Rena Jones - Sea Of Bubbles
07 Rena Jones - Cypress And Evergreen
08 Rena Jones - Seedling
09 Rena Jones - The Passing Storm
10 Rena Jones - Aurora Borealis
11 Rena Jones - Firefly
12 Rena Jones - Photosynthesis (Slidecamp Remix)
13 Rena Jones - By The Morning Sun (Hidden Track)

Driftwood' is the brand new full length album by seasoned studio musician and performer Rena Jones. It is an album of complex emotional depth, instrumental mastery, and tender attention to detail. Imbued with a sense of feminine grace, this album moves through textured and layered realms to pieces of touching mystery.

Rena Jones is an anomaly in modern electronic music. She writes, performers, produces, programs, and plays virtuosic strings all by herself. In a music scene dominated by men, she has proven herself to be more capable and more original than her contemporaries. Not content to be an addition or continuation of anyone else's work, she has created a modern electronic statement which is entirely unique. Her work is sophisticated, delicate, touching, and personal. The music connects to people instantly in an emotional way, and allows them the freedom for an experience of depth as they journey through the worlds she has created.

Throughout, the album is graced by Rena's cello and violin work, which makes this album stand out in a sea of records which tread the same ground. The juxtaposition of organic and electronic sounds blends seamlessly into an unforgettable musical experience.

Native State is proud to present Driftwood', the first in a series of new artist albums which showcase our sound: forward thinking, emotional, and distinct.

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