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Roedelius - Snapshots / Sidesteps

Roedelius - Snapshots / Sidesteps
LabelPsychonavigation Records
Typealbum, CD

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Roedelius - Snapshots / Sidesteps


01 Roedelius - Ad Honorem
02 Roedelius - Belvedere
03 Roedelius - Claire Obscure
04 Roedelius - Dynamo
05 Roedelius - Elektrum
06 Roedelius - Fait Accompli
07 Roedelius - Gusto
08 Roedelius - Hoc Volo
09 Roedelius - In Natura
10 Roedelius - Juste Milieu

Hans-Joachim Roedelius has decided to work with Irish electronic label Psychonavigation Records on his latest musical project entitled Snapshots/Sidesteps'.

A ten track compilation which features collaborations with The Orb, Patrick Pulsinger, Alec Way, Haeyoung Kim, Fratelli Brothers, Timothy O'Keefe, Fabio Capanni, David Bickley, Seiichi Suzuki and Werner Moebius. The CD showcases works produced over the past 10 years and takes the listener on a journey through many styles of music from Ambient-Glitch ElectronicsDub.

Roedelius - Snapshots / Sidesteps: Front