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Rumble Pack - Packed & Ready

Rumble Pack - Packed & Ready
LabelMorphonic Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Rumble Pack - Are We Fucking Done?
02 Rumble Pack - Packed And Ready
03 Rumble Pack - Kingsize
04 Rumble Pack - Mental Scope
05 Rumble Pack - John Steam In The Snailhole
06 Rumble Pack - Binary Beach
07 Rumble Pack - Control Unit
08 Rumble Pack - Back To Basics
09 Rumble Pack - Tea Time

Mahogany Records and Morphonic Records are now working together for a bunch of releases, proudly introducing the promising album from talented Swiss duo, Philip Guillaume and Andreas Märki aka Rumble Pack.

Rumble Pack's music is aimed at the morning hours.
They are fusing several elements like warm atmospheres, uplifting melodies, funky twists and a good dose of psychedelica, always keeping the sound dynamic and clear.

Diversity is a keyword on this album, as they show different sides of trance from 140 to 146 BPM in several styles, and a beautiful chill out track to finish this energetic ride.

Prepare yourself and be ready for this!
The journey has begun.

The fine production of this album is enhanced by digital mastering made by Avi Algranati aka SpaceCat to insure good impact on party people all around the world.

Rumble Pack - Packed & Ready: Front