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Sandman - Witchcraft

Sandman - Witchcraft
LabelMatsuri Productions
Typealbum, vinyl

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Sandman - Witchcraft


01 Sandman - Turtle Beach
02 Sandman - Shockwave
03 Sandman - Flight Or Fight
04 Sandman - Bad News (New Way)
05 Sandman - Mushroom Symphony
06 Sandman - Ghostrider (Time Tunnel Remix)
07 Sandman - Nostradamus (The Prophecy Remix)
08 Sandman - Perfect Stranger

Sandman - Shockwave

'Please watch your step! This is a low gravity area. Please hold handrails at all times!'

'Are you sure about this, ambassador?' 'Yes, most sure. We do not mistake.'

'They figured he got hit by a hyperspace shockwave. I swore I'd prove something was out there like nothing we've ever seen before.'

'Hyperspace shockwave'

'What ghost?' 'Couple guys say they saw something in hyperspace coming back from a job in sector 14. Sounds like they (...)' 'Anybody else see it?' 'No, just them. Said it looked like a cross between a spider and your worst nightmare.'

From 'Babylon 5'

Babylon 5

Sandman - Flight Or Fight

'That's tacky. That's REALLY tacky.'

From the movie 'Murder by Death'

Murder by Death

Sandman - Ghostrider (Time Tunnel Remix)

'I believe that God left certain drugs growing naturally upon our planet ...'

Bill Hicks quote

Sandman - Witchcraft: Side A
Sandman - Witchcraft: Side B
Sandman - Witchcraft: Side C
Sandman - Witchcraft: Side D
Sandman - Witchcraft: Side E
Sandman - Witchcraft: Side F