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Scene - Bioluminescence

Scene - Bioluminescence
LabelIndica Music
Typealbum, CD


01 Scene - Supernatural Ground
02 Scene - Oracle
03 Scene - Long Stones Shelter
04 Scene - Existence
05 Scene - Giant's Dance
06 Scene - Dhvani
07 Scene - Revelation
08 Scene - Universal Deluge
09 Scene - A Warm Hug

Indica Music presents the long awaited debut solo release from Rome artist Scene aka Fabrizio Greco, 'Bioluminiscience''.

Fabrizio is been busy for two years to carefully build this deep journey, melting together electronic and acoustic elements with vocals and modern tribal drums.

The album contains nine brandnew tracks from psychedelic instrumental chillout to experimental jazzy ambient where the listener is invited to discover the existence of lifeforms in absolutely dark and cold environments: the abyss.

Scene - Bioluminescence: Front