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Sensiva - Giosun

Sensiva - Giosun
LabelSensotech Records
Typealbum, CD

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Sensiva - Giosun


01 Sensiva - Bez Dna
02 Sensiva - Untitled 3
03 Sensiva - Fussed
04 Sensiva - P Deep
05 Sensiva - Light Rays Games
06 Sensiva - Giosun
07 Sensiva - Downstairs To The Free Port
08 Sensiva - Muzima
09 Sensiva - 44100th Galaxy
10 Sensiva - Vasad

Sensiva Giosun is vital dub-ambient without any paranoia or depression. Sounds: processed and looped fragments of conversations, bird's singing and any other unrecognizable fragments imposed on contemporary beats. But the main feature of his music is the deformed wavy guitar structures like in Robert Fripp's ambient albums, which take overwhelming part of the sound space. The mood, created by this music is similar to Mark Isham's and Secret Frequency Crew's compositions, which are hanging between ocean and space. Although as for the author of the music - mountains are historically closer.