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Sesto Sento - Come Together

Sesto Sento - Come Together
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Sesto Sento - Sesto Sento - Come Together


01 Sesto Sento - Sesto Dance
02 Sesto Sento - Rollercoaster
03 Sesto Sento - 1st Quality
04 Sesto Sento - Perfect Day
05 Sesto Sento - Disconnecting
06 Sesto Sento vs Apocalypse - Trance in Motion
07 Sesto Sento - People
08 Sesto Sento - Glory
09 Sesto Sento - Pumpkin
10 Sesto Sento - Frozen Dream

The magnificent psychedelic trio, Sesto Sento, known for their highly innovative dance floor musical productions and unprecedented Live act shows are back with their highly anticipated third featured album release.

Sesto Sento, the group that is most identified with the new generation of the psychedelic trance movement, revolutionizing the art of sound production oriented for dance and uplifting spirit, holding under their belt a heavy list of artistic accomplishments, are back with their nest album till date.

Sesto Sento are Matan Kadosh (born 1983), Itai Spector (born 1985) and Aviram Saharai (born 1985), all from Afula in the north of Israel.
Their extra intelligent music and uncompromised sound have elevated dance floors all over the world, enriching the heart of many around the globe.

Sesto Sento Performances include: Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Serbia and Montenegro, Australia.
India, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Argentina, USA and all over Israel their home base.
Sesto Sento have produced two featured albums, The Inner Light (Com.Pact Rec.), The Bright Side (Com.Pact rec.), Compiled the successful Afula On compilation for their label Com.Pact records, and have release THE REMIXER compilation which included 9 previously unreleased remixes to Sesto Sento's tracks by super acts like: GMS, PROTOCULTURE, CPU, SILICON SOUND, VISUAL CONTACT, SESTO SENTO, POP STREAM, and also includes two special treats by APOCALYPSE and AQUATICA the next generation of Com.Pact artists.
Sesto Sento have also released a nemorous amount of tracks on CD, EP and LP compilation on respected labels such as: Com.Pact Records, TIP World, Phonokol, Shiva Space Technology, Zillion Mental anarchy, Maia Records, Agitato Records, MDMA Records, USTA Records, Midijum Records, Ajuca Records, Alchemy Records, Neurobiotics Records, Baloonia Records, Hadshot Haheizar, 3D Vision records.

This busy team is also working on different and exciting projects, Gataka (Matan Kadosh) and Ferbi Boys (Itai Spector and Aviram Saharai).

Come Together brings forward the true Sesto Sento magic, enhanced by 9 Sesto Sento dance floor delights which have been infecting the globe.


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