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Shadow Fx - Direct Influence

Shadow Fx - Direct Influence
LabelZenon Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shadow FX - Direct Influence


01 Shadow Fx - Full Floyd Rig
02 Shadow Fx - Left Of Centre
03 Shadow Fx - Funktion One
04 Shadow Fx - Alkhemist
05 Shadow Fx - Intermission
06 Shadow Fx - Altered Perception
07 Shadow Fx - Liquid Crop Duster
08 Shadow Fx - Brain Glitch
09 Shadow Fx - Woodlander

Zenon Records is proud to present the debut album from Shadow Fx, 26 year old James Hayes from Melbourne, Australia. Since he began producing in 2002 he has created his own unique blend of deep, funky, morning grooves that are distinctively shaped from the Zenon sound. Intricate percussion lines interplay with emotive synth lines, then pieced together in the most intelligent of progressive structures. After releasing compilation tracks on Zenon, ZMA and Cosmic Conspiracy records, Shadow Fx is ready to take it to the next level.

Shadow Fx - Direct Influence: Front
Shadow Fx - Direct Influence: Back
Shadow Fx - Direct Influence: Inside
Shadow Fx - Direct Influence: CD