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Shakta - Silicon Trip

Shakta - Silicon Trip
LabelDragonfly Records
Typealbum, vinyl

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Shakta - Silicon Trip


01 Shakta - Temporal Shift
02 Shakta - Inner Polarity
03 Shakta - Leptonhead Pt. 3
04 Shakta - The Neuromancer
05 Shakta - Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies
06 Shakta - Ion Tribe
07 Shakta - Silicon Trip
08 Shakta - Shakti (Shakta Edit)

Shakta - Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies

'Clearity of the membrain that exists betwen worlds, the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual, and we are spiritual beings in physical bodies'

Taken from documentary about the 13 crystal skuls.

Shakta - Silicon Trip

'Don't go mystic or paranoid on me now. That computer thinks that we're the ones in control.'

Shakta - Silicon Trip: Side A
Shakta - Silicon Trip: Side B
Shakta - Silicon Trip: Side C
Shakta - Silicon Trip: Side D